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Quiz Maker Updates and Guides

Learn how to create online quizzes that go viral and engage students

Shocked guy from friend quiz example

Quiz Examples & Templates

Browse the most popular quiz examples and templates of 2022. Includes tips on how to nail making your own quiz and which factors led to success in the most popular quizzes of 2022.

Lead gen quiz girl

How to make lead generation quizzes

Learn the secrets to 25X improvement in email signup rates, 1 million+ responses and other secrets of lead generation quizzes.

Spirit Animal Snow Leopard from personality quiz

How to make personality quizzes

Learn the secrets to making amazing personality quizzes

Quiz Mark Icons

How manually mark online quizzes

Learn how to manually mark short answer questions in an online quiz

Quiz Feedback Icons

How to leave feedback in an online quiz

Learn how to give feedback to students in your online quiz. Includes tips and tricks.

Lady surprised by friendship quiz

How to make a friendship quiz

Learn how to make a quiz for your friends and see how well people really know you.

Website metrics improving

How to design effective online assessments

Learn how to design assessments to effectively measure student growth.

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6 Tips to Make Amazing Quizzes

Learn how to optimizing both learning and conversion outcomes when creating your own online quizzes.

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Full Feature Guide

Need a little help on creating a quiz? We've answered every question you could have on creating an online quiz.

Quiz Template

View Quiz Templates and Demos

Take a gander at the type of content you're able to create with Quiz Maker

Website metrics improving

How to make a quiz

Step by step instructions on making your first online quiz

Website metrics improving

How to make a trivia quiz

Learn how to make a trivia quiz.

Website metrics improving

How to make a quiz which assigns a type/outcome

Step by step guide on creating a quiz which assigns a type/outcome.

Quiz Template

Create an Online Course

How to create your first online course in minutes using Quiz Maker

Employee Satisfaction Quiz Guide

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