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The most popular and viral quizzes of 2022

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Personality Quizzes Still Dominate

Quizzes which reveal insight into ourselves are still the most successful when it comes to virality, lead generation and general engagement. What is a personality quiz? They're quizzes which provide a type/outcome based upon how you answer questions. They're similar to old fashioned personality tests in that they attempt to provide some insight or reflection which educates the quiz taker about themselves.


But Trivia Quizzes are on the Rise

While personality quizzes still outperformed trivia quizzes the most popular test over the last year was a quiz which assessed your knowledge of Corona Virus conducted by Unicef. It hasn't only been online educators utilizing quizzing platforms over the last few year. Pub quizzes, sporting trivia and general knowledge quizzes have all experienced huge growth.

BuzzFeed Quizzes are Dead

The age of hugely popular 'Which potato are you' quizzes finally appears to be over, thankfully. Facebook took the lead and adjusted their algorithm to remove these kind of quizzes from everyones feeds. Now quiz creators have to resort to good old fashioned creativity and genuinely helpful quizzes.


Quiz Titles are still hugely important

Great quizzes all have one thing in common, great titles. It doesn't matter how engaging, useful and insightful your quiz is if you have a title which doesn't spark curiosity. Great titles challenge the viewer with words like 'actually' or share stats on how many people fail. Great titles let the quiz taker know what to expect in their results.

How Many Questions Should My Quiz Have?

Quizzes work so well because they're more entertaining than forms and tests, so don't turn your quiz into a form or test. Keep it fun, short and conversational. Unless you really have to keep your quiz to less than 10 questions.

This goat is dumb and can't math
XMAS Tree Lights

Use this Trick in your Quiz

Imagine you're going to ask your quiz takers what their favorite meal is and you have 6 possible answers. Now imagine each of those answers are beautiful mouth watering pictures of expertly photographed meals. The reward centers in your quiz takers brains will light up like christmas trees and you'll see a huge jump in completion rates.

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