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Make a Quiz in 3 Steps

  1. Select a quiz type and add a title. Type your first question and add your answers. Hit 'Add Question' and repeat. Next you'll define how your results will work.
  2. Select correct answers or assign types if applicable. If you're creating a personality or trivia quiz select 'Results' add your types or assign correct answers.
  3. Click the 'Share' tab and either copy your quiz link or hit the social buttons. Add your details and monitor your results

The Quiz That Made $1.1 Million

How did an online eyewear business use a quiz to generate over $1.1million in 6 months? They created a short 9 question quiz: "What glasses frame matches your personality". This simple personality style quiz assigns a style of eyewear based upon your answers. "What is your favourite decade?" "Pick a celebrity icon" The answers were presented as image options, more Buzzfeed than business. Quiz takers were given the option to signup for the Zenni newsletter as well as their eyewear style and a link to those styles on the Zenni website. Backed with savvy search marketing the quiz generated over $1.1 million dollars in revenue.


20 Million Free Page Views

Love or hate them there is no questioning the unrivalled popularity of quizzes on social media. Quizzes like Buzzfeeds 'What city should you actually live in' have generated over 20 million views almost entirely by social shares. These quizzes see massive organic search traffic as well. Forbes generates 1000 unique lands a week for their 'Which college should you go to' quiz purely through search traffic. were amongst the top 10 most shared content on facebook last year with their 'Only 1 In 50 People Can Identify These 16 Grammar Mistakes. Can You?' quiz. Quizzes produce metrics that matter, they engage audiences and produce an interaction with your website

Increase Memory and Learning by 50%

Robert Bjork a research psychologist specializing in memory and recall illustrates the power of quizzing students in the following experiment. Two groups of students: Group A is given a lesson 4 times. Group B is given the lesson once and then quizzed 3 times. In a final exam Group B outperforms Group A by 50%. Known as the 'testing effect' or 'test enhanced learning', the process of retrieving memories leads to dramatic improvements in long term memory retention.


Identify Gaps in Knowledge

Testing helps students identify gaps in knowledge which can be a target of future study. Common gaps across students help teachers optimize teaching material.

Reduce Student Stress

72% of students quizzed regularly reported that quizzing made them less nervous during final exams. The same paper showed that 92% of students believed regular quizzing helped them learn. Quizzes do not have to be high stakes or count towards final grades to be effective. You also won't have to mark them with our integrated auto scoring.

Generate leads with your quiz

Capture Leads

Use your Quiz to Generate Business

Once you've created a quiz which engages your audience it becomes a very effective method of capturing leads for sales, newsletters or creating specials offers. Ensure your quiz provides adequate incentive and then require an email to view results. Simply hit the settings tab and then the 'Lead Capture' section to get started.

Connect to Everything

Less Work Not More

Integrate with tools you already use for students, customers and prospects. Export newly captured leads strait into your sales pipeline and market to them directly with MailChip, SalesForce and over 2000 other packages. Embed your quiz directly on your website, Wordpress or create OG optimized facebook Quizzes.

Quiz Maker Cloud API Integration
Quiz logic editor

Create Responsive Questions

Intelligent Quiz Questions

Adding logic and branching is fast and simple and allows you to keep your quizzes short, specific and targeted for quiz takers. Simply hit the logic tab after entering your question options to begin using the intuitive question logic editor.

Customize Look and Feel

Your Logo and Your Theme

Easily tailor your quiz with your branding and color schemes whether it's taken directly on our site or seamlessly embedded into yours. Save custom themes for later use so new quizzes are quickly and consistently published. Show me how.

Quiz theme editor

Make it Fun and Go Viral

Engage Visitors with Awesome Content

You've no doubt seen a 'What Kind of Pop Icon' personality quiz go viral and been amazed at the shares and traffic they attract. You can easily build viral personality quizzes with our creator. You are limited only by the quality of your idea. Select the Quiz type at the top of the editor, add your questions and then hit 'Results' add your 'Outcomes' and assign your outcomes to your question answers.

Auto Grade and Score

Create a Trivia Quiz

Click the 'Results tab' and begin grading your quiz. It's as easy as selecting the right answer for each of your questions. Image and media support, automatic social media integration and mobile optimized designed all result in buzz worthy audience engagement and viral quizzes.

Graded Quiz Results
Max CDN Data Center

Mobile Optimized & Fast

100% Uptime, 0.025s Response Time

Spanning 19 countries with 100% uptime our network comfortably handle peaks in the millions of visitors per hour. But being fast is not enough your quiz should provide a great experience on everything from the smallest mobile screens to super wide desktop monitors. This is why everything you create automatically features a 'responsive design'.

Email Notifications

Act When You Need To

Stay on top of important opportunities with quiz response notifications. Each quiz response can be sent to a designated one or more email addresses for immediate action. On the settings tab, select Results and tick the 'Send response details' checkbox.

Quiz notifications
Results segment editor

Filter and Segment Results

Find Actionable Gems of Info

From simple excel/CSV exports to custom filters, uncovering actionable insights is simple. Filter by a particular question (satisified vs dissatisfied) or create custom filters (satisfied, female over 35) to dive deeper into your results.

How to Make your Quiz a Success

Low response rates and subsequent data bias are the biggest issues facing online surveys. We've reviewed the research and lean on our 10 year+ experience to help you improve survey response rates.

Test 1-6 days after the initial lesson

Meta analysis on the goldilocks zone for when to test shows too soon and the lesson is not fully processed by deep memory, too late and the material is forgotten. Test 1-6 days after your initial lesson.

Make it low stakes for students

There is an ever increasing body of research showing just how powerful testing is on improving long term memory and learning. It is important for educators to let students know the reasons behind frequent testing are in order to assist deep learning and not simply an evaluative process. For this reason prominent 'testing effect' researchers Roediger and Karpicke recommend tests be low stakes for students.

Provide quiz results after the test

You have two options when designing your quiz, let the student know if they've answered correctly or incorrectly immediately or let them know when the test is completed. While there still needs to be more research it appears delaying feedback until after the test is completed works best. The theory is that delayed results cue the students memory again which improves subsequent retrieval.

Personality quizzes dominate

77% of the most highly shared quizzes are personality quizzes. These are the 'What kind of 'x' are you?' quizzes and they work because they appeal to a sense to learn and share content about ourselves. B2C analysis of 100 quizzes that received 10,000 or more shares found virtually identical title structure 'Which' 'are' 'you'.

A great social share image

Our own research has shown the social media share image attached to your quiz is hugely important in creating viral uptake. This is the preview image displayed when your quiz takers share your quiz. Countless times we've seen double digit increases in click through rate simply by changing the social media share image.

Informal and short

Your quiz should use informal conversational style language. B2C analysis of the most shared quizzes found greater use of personal pronouns in the most viral quizzes. Questions like 'Which is your decade' with images of dress styles in various decades are visually engaging and easy to answer. We've found 6-10 questions total to be optimal.

I have developed a range of quizzes. They are very effective in lead generation. My leads soared by 500% within 2 weeks! I also use quizzes in my consultancy, where clients complete them and then I can focus my coaching and consultancy. This has helped me retain clients."
Dr Sharon Xuereb Zenith CTC
Smiling Survey Maker Customer in Blue Sweater

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