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How to make an Online Quiz

Learn how to make a quiz for students, friends or fun

Author: Michael Hodge
Updated: 27th Feb 2022
Quiz Instruction Icons

There are now dozens of great online quiz makers and tools which help you create just about any kind of online quiz. With so many options it's difficult to know where to start. We've got you covered so that if you're just looking to create a simple trivia quiz for friends or an online test for students you'll know where to start. Here is exactly how to make an online quiz:

  1. From the Quiz Maker homepage select your quiz type
  2. Hit 'Add Question' and select 'Multiple Choice'
  3. Now add your answers in the answer field boxes
  4. Tick 'correct answer' where appropriate
  5. Repeat the above for all of your questions

After doing the above you have made your first online quiz, there isn't anything more to do. Hit the Preview button to see how your quiz will look and feel for your quiz takers. You can change how your quiz looks by hitting the themes tab and selecting a layout that suits. Go ahead and hit share and begin to invite people to take your quiz.

What is the best quiz website?

There are both free and paid versions of quiz platforms available online. Many online survey tools have added scoring so you can now create your online quiz with Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Typeform and other tools. These however are a little cumbersome to use if you're looking to create more than a basic quiz as they're primarily created to make online forms. They all require subscriptions before you can publish your quiz too. Other tools like Quizizz, Quizlet and of course our own Quiz Maker are designed primarily for online quizzes and generally do a better job in this regard.

Quizlet Vs Quizziz Vs Quiz Maker

All of the above are excellent choices but there are difference between these platforms that make the decision to choose the best quiz website much easier. Quizlet is primarily a study tool for students and so it really does the best job if this is what you're looking for. Quizizz is designed to help teachers create basic online quizzes for students in lower grades and is an excellent tool for the this job. QuizMaker is designed to create both trivia and personality quizzes for both teachers and professionals. It's been around since 2003 and is best if you're looking to create multiple quizzes and want a little more hands on control. Take a moment to think about what you need your quiz to do. Is it simply a personal study tool or are you looking to engage potentially thousands of quiz takers. The best quiz tool depends on what it is you need your quiz to do.

How make a quiz for free

As mentioned above there are many tools available which allow you to create free online quizzes for personal use. If you want to make a free online quiz there will likely be ads and a few limits imposed on your quiz so it's important to understand these before you publish your quiz. If you're just looking to create a quiz to help you study for an exam you can use our Quiz maker for free or a tool like Quizlet. To get started here is how you make a free quiz with our Quiz Maker

  1. Add your questions and select your quiz type on the homepage
  2. Select the correct answers
  3. Enter a title for your quiz
  4. Hit Share and enter an Email and Password

You can add up to 25 response for free, afterwards your quiz will continue to work you just won't be able to see the additional results in the QuizMaker Dashboard.

How to create a quiz which assigns a personality / type

In the following steps we are effectively going to link questions to outcomes/types. If we're building a quiz which is going to recommend a holiday destination you might ask 'What kind of activities do you enjoy' Your answers may include: Swimming, Climbing, Hiking, Driving and Dinning out. We would match a travel destination for each of these answers. These answers allow us to match very different travel recommendations and create an engaging quiz. Once each of your answers is connected to an outcome/type our Quiz Maker will automatically assign the best match. If things are still unclear the instructions below will provide more clarity.

Note: You can use only Multiple Choice and Checkbox questions to assign types

  1. Give your quiz a title and from the Quiz type drop down select 'Assign Types'
  2. Hit 'Add Question' and now select 'Multiple Choice'
  3. Repeat the above step until you've added all of your questions
  4. Hit the 'Results' tab and then Add Type
  5. Enter a title for your type and a description
  6. Hit the 'Assign answers and now click each answer which relates to this type. Hit 'Ok'
  7. Repeat the above step for each of your types

Your type can be a redirection to a custom URL. This would allow you to have participants be redirected to a custom page on your website which can be useful to help guide people to correct destination, course or product.

How to add certificates to your quiz results

You can assign a certificate based upon a score, grade, outcome or simply provide them to all who complete your quiz. The certificate will be presented in results and also be available to participants for a PDF download.

  1. After you've added questions to your Quiz hit the 'Results' tab
  2. Tick the certificate option and hit the Configure button
  3. Set the conditions under which you'd like your certificate to appear
  4. Hit Edit Certificate and the Certificate editor will load
  5. From here you can tailor the text and background of the certificate

If you wish to use your own certificate background we suggest an image size of 3500px x 2400px to ensure the highest quality possible.

Quiz Certificate Editor

How to add a leaderboard to your quiz

You can show a ranked leaderboard at the end of your quiz to inspire a little healthly competition. To appear on the leaderboard you quiz takers will need to enter a name.

  1. If you haven't already done so add the 'Name' question. The name entered here will be used in the Leaderboard
  2. On the Results tab tick 'Show a Leaderboard'
  3. Your quiz will now show a ranked leaderboard

How to collect email addresses/leads with your quiz

You can choose to require an email address to be entered at the end of your quiz in order to view results. This serves as a great way to begin an ongoing dialog for either marketing or education purposes.

  1. Add your quiz questions
  2. Hit the 'Leads' tab and Tick 'Lead Capture'
  3. You can now edit the questions asked in lead capture

If you check your results and don't see lead capture entered it means participants closed the quiz at the point in which we asked for an email address. If you're seeing too much dropout either consider increasing the incentive or allowing lead capture to be skipped.

How to change the look and feel of your Quiz

There are 40+ default themes to choose from and a custom theme editor. The editor can be used to change background images, colors and fonts to match your branding. The results will automatically be styled to match your quiz theme.

  1. Add your quiz questions
  2. Hit the Themes tab to choose a preconfigured theme
  3. Hit customize to add your own background, colors and fonts

If you're feeling more adventurous and are familiar with CSS hit Settings, Plugins, View Add Plugins. From here you can create your own plugin to add your own custom CSS. If you're not experienced with front-end design it's best to stick to the custom editor described above.

Send out invites to your Quiz takers

There are a few ways to share your quiz online. By default you quiz will run on our cloud and be optimized to run on mobiles, tablets and desktops. You can choose to embed your quiz on your website. You can also control who gets to take your quiz with unique codes and passwords.

  1. Add your quiz questions
  2. Hit the Share tab
  3. You can choose to share the link directly or copy and paste embed code

Unique Codes - Require a single use code to be entered when the quiz starts. The code may only be used once by one person. This is a great way ensure your quiz is not taken multiple times by a single person.

The following video tutorial shows you how to make an online quiz using QuizMaker:

How do I access my quiz maker results?

The quiz maker dashboard allows you to access your quiz results and manage your existing quizzes.

  1. Log into the Quiz Maker Dashboard
  2. Hit the Results icon of your quiz
  3. You'll see a list of results options
Section Content
Charts Show graphs for all responses combined. See pie charts and bar graphs showing how your respondents answered.
Export Export raw individual results to a CSV or excel file for download. Includes score and outcomes where appropriate.
Individual Responses View a list of each completed response to view individual participant answers. You can search for a particular response by answer data.
Map Responses Shows a geopgraphical map of where your respondents are based. This can be turned off for privacy with plugins.
Timeline Shows when over time you received responses. This can be useful for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
Education Level Relates to the highest level of education that an individual has completed, including primary, secondary, tertiary, and postgraduate studies.
Share You can choose to share a link to make your quiz results public

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