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    Built for both learning and leisure, you can make your own quiz, personality tests, polls, and surveys. Over 40 question types including multiple choice.
  2. Write your questions

    Choose 25 questions with our free version and then define the answers. (FYI: Our paid service allows you to write as many questions as you want.)
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    Send out your quiz via a direct link or share on social and start getting responses right away

Create a Quiz or an Entire Course
in Minutes

Link multiple quizzes to create your own online learning course. Assign certificates based on course completion, weight scores and much more. Simply create your own quiz above to get started for free. Students login to the learning portal to complete coursework, track progress and access new quizzes. No marking, no sending out multiple links to students, tracking progress or any other mind numbing jobs.

Learning Management System Integrated
Quiz Completion Certificate

Auto Graded

Automatically assign certificates to quiz takers based on score, grade or type. You can even setup multiple certificates for multiple grades and have them emailed to your quiz takers! To get started hit the certificates feature on the 'Results' tab in the creator above.

Gamify with Leaderboards and Timers

Encourage quiz and content engagement with integrated leaderboards and timers. Simply add a leaderboard on the 'Results' tab in the editor and your quiz takers will see their score relative to other quiz takers. Automatic countdown timers can be added on the 'Settings' tab.

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Quiz Lock

Keep it Secure

Require a login on your quizzes to ensure your respondents are properly authenticated and unable to manipulate results. Import an existing list of users or allow your respondents to signup on their first quiz. On the settings tab hit the 'Quiz Login' feature to get started.

Collaborate with Colleagues

Our premium and platinum versions of our online quiz maker allow you to work together with your colleagues. Each member of your team can login to the Dashboard to access and manage shared content. Simply add additional users with the 'Account' section of the Dashboard

Team accessing quiz platform
Generate leads with your quiz

Capture Leads and Generate Business

Once you've created a quiz which engages your audience it becomes a very effective method of capturing leads for sales, newsletters or creating specials offers. Ensure your quiz provides adequate incentive and then require an email to view results. Simply hit the settings tab of the quiz creator and then the 'Lead Capture' section to get started.

Customize Look and Feel

Easily tailor your quiz with your branding and color schemes whether it's taken directly on our site or seamlessly embedded into yours. Save custom themes for later use so new quizzes are quickly and consistently published. Show me how.

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Create a Quiz and Go Viral

You've no doubt seen a 'What Kind of Pop Icon' personality quiz go viral and been amazed at the shares and traffic they attract. You can easily build viral personality quizzes with our online quiz creator. You are limited only by the quality of your idea. Select the Quiz type at the top of the quiz maker, add your questions and then hit 'Results' add your 'Outcomes' and assign your outcomes to your question answers.

Stay Engaged with your Quiz Takers

Stay on top of important opportunities with quiz response notifications. Each quiz response can be sent to one or more email addresses for immediate action. On the 'Results' tab, select Results and browse the email options to send an email to you and/or your recipients.

Quiz notifications
Quiz feedback

Add Immediate Question Feedback

Add explanations for both correct and incorrect answers and show them either during your quiz or in your quiz results. Add your questions in the quiz creator above then hit the results tab and scoring section to start adding your quiz answer explanations.

Analyze and Export Quiz Results

You can review a summary of every quiz response to see the most common answers and statistics on your audience as a whole or you can view each individual response. Use these insights to further refine and improve the quiz creation process. We also show geographic and time based response summaries.

Quiz results
Quiz website

Run on your Website or Ours

Once you've created your own quiz hit the share tab to see multiple methods of sharing. Simply copy and paste the embed code and begin running the quiz on your website or have your quiz takers visit a direct link to your quiz. You can also share a portal link which will show quiz takers all of your quiz content, including courses.

Optimized for Facebook and Twitter

Your quiz is automatically optimized to be shared on facebook and other social platforms. Tailor the image facebook uses on the 'Share' tab of the quiz creator to optimize facebook sharing and viral spread.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quiz Maker free?

There are both free and subscription options when using Quiz Maker. The free version is limited to 25 responses and 1 quiz, you'll also see ads on your quizzes. All subscriptions are offered with a 14 day free trial, love it or pay nothing! If you only need one quiz and need more than 25 responses then simply signup for a subscription and cancel before your trial expires. You won't be charged a thing. Checkout our plans here.

Do I need to signup to make my own quiz?

We do recommend signing up. That way you can access the Dashboard, export your results and manage all your existing quizzes. There are both free and paid plans and signing up doesn't mean you have to pay.

How to make online courses?

Our LMS allows you to provide a central login for your students to access either individual quizzes or full online courses created by you. Once you login to the Dashboard you'll see a 'Courses' link in the left menu. Hit this link to begin creating your course.

How do I access my results and existing quizzes?

Simply access the Dashboard and complete the signup form if you haven't already done so. You don't need to pay for a subscription to access the Dashboard.

Where do I create my quiz?

The editor at the top of this page is fully functional and not just a preview, go ahead and create your quiz. Alternatively you can access the Dashboard and create within there.

How do I add pictures to my Quiz?

Add either a multiple choice or checkboxes question. Then simply hit the image icon in either the question or answer fields to add images. You may search for images or upload your own.

How do I assign grades?

Do you want your quiz to assign a type based on how respondents answer? Checkout this guide here. If you simply want to quiz your friends on your own personality you can create your own trivia quiz. Checkout the examples above to either use as a template or get some ideas.

How do I email respondents and/or myself results?

You can have each response emailed to you and a respondents response emailed to them. Simply hit the 'Results' tab and checkout the email options.

How do I add a login to my quiz?

You can add a login to your quiz by enabling the setting on the 'Settings' tab above.

How do I redirect respondents to a URL after completion?

Select 'Assign Types' from the Quiz Type drop down on the 'Quiz' tab of the quiz creator. Now go to Results, Types and hit 'Add Type'. Hit the button to enable 'Redirect to a URL'. Add your type and enter your URL.

How do I create my own personality test?

Do you want your quiz to assign a type based on how respondents answer? Checkout this guide here. If you simply want to quiz your friends on your own personality you can create your own trivia quiz. Checkout the examples above to either use as a template or get some ideas.

How do I assign certificates?

You can assign a certificate to all or only those which attain certain grades. Hit the 'Results' tab to add your certificate.

What is lead capture?

Lets assume you've created an amazing quiz that is about to go wildly viral. You can use your viral quiz to generate email addresses and other details by requiring one final step before your respondents complete the quiz. Hit the 'Lead capture' tab and take a look at the settings. Read below to see how businesses have generate in excess of $1 million using lead capture.

How to Create a Quiz that Crushes

Keep it short and informal

Your quiz should use relaxed informal conversational style language. B2C analysis of the most shared and viral quizzes found greater use of personal pronouns. Questions like 'Which is your decade' with images of dress styles in various decades are visually engaging and easy to answer. We've found quizzes with 6-10 multiple choice questions total generate much higher completion rates that those with more than 10 questions.


Tell people about themselves

77% of the most highly shared quizzes are personality quizzes. These are the 'What kind of 'x' are you?' quizzes and they work because they appeal to a sense to learn and share content about ourselves. B2C analysis of 100 quizzes that received 10,000 or more shares found virtually identical title structure 'Which' 'are' 'you'.

Show results after the quiz

You have many design considerations when you create your own quiz, let the student know if they've answered correctly immediately or let them know when the test is completed. While there still needs to be more research it appears delaying feedback until after the quiz is completed works best. The theory is that delayed results cue the students memory again which improves subsequent retrieval.


The best time to share your quiz

Now you've created a quiz when is the best time to share it? Meta analysis on the goldilocks zone for when to test shows too soon and the lesson is not fully processed by deep memory, too late and the material is forgotten. Test 1-6 days after your initial lesson. What about time of day? According to research by Campaign monitor send out your quiz invites between 9 and 11am for the highest response rates.

Let them know Quizzing helps

More and more research shows quizzes improve long term memory. We suggest letting students know the reason you're quizzing is not simply to evaluate but to help the student improve their learning.


Images improve completion rate

Provide image answer options when creating your quiz to improve response rates. Our research has show quizzes with images as answers results in 27% higher response rates. Hit the image icon to the left of the answer option in the quiz creator above to get started.

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