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Quiz Guides and Help

Quick Start Guide

1. Add Questions

  1. Select your quiz type and add a quiz title.
  2. Type your first question into the quiz creator
  3. You can add images, video and format the text of your quiz questions by hitting the icon. When you click into the question box you'll notice more question configuration options.

  4. Add answers
  5. Type your answers below the question. Modify the type, behavior and display. (Read more about these settings below)

    Pro Tip: If you find yourself typing the same answers hit the 'Select Common Answers' button.

2. Setup Results

If you're conducting a 'Survey/Blank' style quiz to collect information you can go ahead and skip this section.

  • Personality / Type
  • Select the 'Outcomes' tab. Outcomes are the things/types you want to assign based upon how people answer your quiz. Go ahead and add your outcomes. Add a description and picture for each outcome if you wish to. Hit the 'Answers' tab. You'll see your list of questions. Go ahead and click an answer. Below each answer is your list of outcomes. This is where we'll match your answers to outcomes. To do so tick the outcome related to that answer.

  • Trivia / Marked
  • Hit the 'Scoring' tab. Now go ahead and click the correct answer for each question in your quiz.

3. Publish

Click the 'Share' tab and you'll see two links. The 'Vote' link is the one you wish to share with your quiz takers. The 'Results' link (if it applies to your quiz) will allow you to see results

Pro Tip: Sign up for a free account and you can export results to Excel, CSV and manage your existing quizzes.

What Kind of Quizzes can I create?

There are three broad types of quizzes you can create with our quiz maker. We'll cover all types here and provide instructions and tips on creating your quiz.

Personality / Type

e.g. What kind of person are you? Your quiz is designed to assign a type (or outcome) to all that take it. Each answer to your questions is designed to help determine the type a quiz taker will be assigned.

Trivia / Marked

e.g. 30 Civil War Questions Your quiz provides a score to quiz takers. Each answer is either correct or incorrect.

Survey / Data Collection

e.g. Employee Satisfaction Survey You're simple looking to collect information from your quiz takers. You're not doing anything with results other than interpretting information.

Add Logic / Skip To and Hide Questions

You can easily hide and show questions in your quiz based upon conditions you specify.

  1. First ensure you've added both the question you wish to hide or skip to and the question you wish to act on.
  2. Select the question you wish to act on.
  3. Select the 'Logic' tab. From the 'When the answer is' drop down select the answer you're going to act on
  4. The next drop down is 'Skip to Question' by default. From this drop down you can also choose 'Hide Question'
  5. Select the question you wish to Skip to or Hide in the final drop down

You can continue to add additional conditions for hiding and skipping questions by hitting the 'Add Logic' button.

Pro Tip:Ensure you allow you questions to be skipped if you're going to skip questions (controlled on the 'Behavior' tab).

Add as many logic conditions as you wish

Sorting Results By Question

Learn how to filter results and create advanced reports

Pro Tip: There are far more reporting features available when you sign up for a free account.

You can easily sort results based upon a single question in your quiz. Lets assume you've created an employee satisfaction survey and have asked for department. Now you want to see results for each department.

  1. Login to your account, select the quiz you wish to report on and hit results
  2. At the top of the reports hit 'Add Filter'
  3. Now tick the question you wish to split the results on. In our example we tick the question 'Please select your department'
  4. If you tick the question you'll automatically select all options (departments in our example). Alternatively you can select individual options
Filter quiz results by question
You can filter based on any question
Quiz report example
Our example now shows results for each department

Filter Results By Multiple Conditions

Learn how to find almost any kind of data from your results

Custom filters allow you to see results for conditions you specify. Lets say you've created an employee satisfaction survey. Custom filters allow you to see just the results for the IT Department that have low overall satisfaction.

  1. Login to your account, select the quiz you wish to report on and hit results
  2. At the top of the reports hit 'Add Filter'
  3. Hit 'New Filter' at the top of dialog box. Type a name for your new filter. We'll call our example 'IT Low Satisfaction'
  4. From the first drop down select the first question you're going to filter by. Select the match type and then option. In our example we'll select 'Please select your department' as the question, 'equals' as the match type and 'IT' as the option.
  5. Hit the 'Add Condition' button and repeat the step above for your next condition. In our example we'll select 'Please rate your overall satisfaction as the question, 'equals' as the match type and 'Very Dissatisfied' as the option.
  6. Finally hit 'Save'. Your report is now filtered which in our example will show the results of IT department employees with low satisfaction

If in our example we also wanted to include employees that rated satisfaction levels as 'Dissatisfied' we could hit the 'OR' button and add the condition.

Report filters
Create complex filters

Print Reports to PDF/Paper

Print your reports to PDF for sending via email, or straight to paper.

  1. Login to your account, select the quiz you wish to report on and hit results
  2. At the top of the reports hit 'Add Filter' to add any filters you need in your report
  3. Use the buttons on each graph to change the graph type to Pie/Bar or add a Data Table
  4. Find and click the 'Print' button on your Browser
  5. If you are using Chrome change the 'Destination' to 'Save as PDF'. In other browsers you can download free Print to PDF extensions (eg: Cute PDF)
  6. In the print preview the page will automatically change to a print ready document - you may need to tick "Background Graphics" to see the report best

You can also follow the same process to print the full list of Responses to your Quiz. In your account select 'Replies' and make sure to keep scrolling until all replies you wish to print have loaded before clicking the 'Print' button.

Print Report to PDF
Print Reports to PDF

Understanding Other Features

The above covers getting a basic quiz up and running but there many other features to cover most types of quizzes

Configuring Questions

  1. Type
  2. Allows you to select various question types from 'Select One' to 'Drop List'

    Pro Tip: Text is single line by default, click 'Behavior' and tick 'Allow Multiple Lines' if you require it.

  3. Behavior
  4. You can allow questions to be skipped, randomize option order and much more in this section

  5. Display
  6. Modify the look of your question. Add multiple columns and page breaks in this section

  7. Logic
  8. You can skip to a question or hide a question in this section


The settings tab allows you to control various features from start and end date to quiz security. You can choose to show or hide comments at the end of your results, randomize question order and much much more.

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