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Which part of NYC should I live?

How often do you commute?
A few times a week
Every day
How important is safety to you?
Not at all
A little
More than average
A lot
What's your living situation?
I live by myself
I live with my partner
I live with my partner and family
I live with a roommate
What's your housing budget per month?
Low (>$1,200)
Mid-low ($1,200-$1,800)
Mid-high ($1,800-$2,400)
High ($2,400+)
Which word describes you:
How important is shopping to you?
Not very important
Somewhat important
Yes, it's important
Very important
How often do you eat at luxurious restaurants?
Once a month
Once a week
Multiple times a week
{"name":"Which part of NYC should I live?", "url":"","txt":"How often do you commute?, How important is safety to you?, What's your living situation?","img":""}
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