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What's Your Memphis Music Vibe?

How would you like to experience live music in Memphis?
Photo by Alex Shansky
There’s no place better than the great outdoors!
I’ve always loved stage-hopping at a music festival!
I would love the experience of an intimate songwriter circle!
I like discovering authentic local music, even when it’s off the beaten path!
I want a legendary music experience, like listening to the blues on Beale Street!
I want the pyrotechnics of a first-class stadium performance!
I’m not sure yet!
What's your Memphis vacation all about?
Photo by Sean Davis
Food & Drinks
Music Legends
Live Music
Culture & the Arts
Kids & Family
American History
Visiting My Friends & Family
The Outdoors
The Nightlife
Experiencing the South
If you could only listen to one type of music, what would you choose?
 Photo by Craig Thompson
Tried and true classics, for sure!
I’d rather always have the hottest new hits!
Don’t make me choose!
Have you been to Memphis before?
Photo by Sean Davis
How do you want to get your music fix in Memphis?
Photo by Sean Davis
Browsing local record stores like Shangri-La for hidden gems
Experiencing iconic music landmarks, like Sun Studio and Graceland
Exploring the authentic local music scene at intimate venues or dive bars
I’m already planning to go to a specific concert while I’m in Memphis
I want to immerse myself in a local music festival for as long as I can
Recording my own music at local studios, like Royal Studios and Ardent Studios
I’ve absolutely got to hear classic Memphis music on Beale Street
I want to hop around town, experiencing all kinds of Memphis music
Will you be bringing the kids?
Photo by Craig Thompson
Of course! It's going to be a great family vacation.
Nope! This trip is just for grown folks.
How do you like to discover new music?
Photo by Adrian Berryhill
I usually just trust recommendations from people who know me
I like to read reviews from critics and then decide for myself
I listen to music podcasts to pick up new favorites
I love the luck of finding a great new artist at a festival or concert
I pay attention to what my favorite artists are listening to
I typically just follow the buzz on social media
My streaming service knows me best!
New music is overrated! Give me the classics any day.
There's nothing better than hearing your new favorite song on the radio!
How long do you plan to stay in Memphis?
Photo by Alex Shansky
One or two nights
Three or more nights
I'm just coming for the day!
I'm still deciding
What kind of iconic Memphis attraction do you think you’d enjoy most?
Photo by Craig Thompson
Family attractions like the Memphis Zoo
Historic attractions like the National Civil Rights Museum
I'd love to experience the Memphis nightlife on Overton Square
Music legacy attractions like Graceland
Outdoor attractions like the Mississippi River
I'll go anywhere I can hear live music!
What kind of music do you love most?
Photo by Craig Thompson
Rap or Hip-Hop
Rock 'n' Roll
Soul or R&B
Electronic Dance Music (EDM)
Punk or Metal
What's your age?
Photo by Craig Thompson
Under 22
23 - 38
39 - 53
54 - 72
Over 72
What gender are you?
Photo by Dan Ball
I prefer not to say!
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