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Aura Awakening Assessment

How would you describe your energy?
Care taker
Go with the flow
I resonate with all three
What's your biggest struggle right now?
Finding confidence in myself and loving my authentic nature
Wanting to leave my 9 to 5 and step into pursuing my purpose full time
Seeking a personalized experience so that I can organize my passion while maintaining personal balance
A mixture of all three struggles
What would best serve you on your journey?
Self-love techniques and healing from past trauma to step into my power
Courage and preparation to leave my current career and begin branding, creating my mission so I can feel aligned leaping into my purpose
Accountability and customized steps to accomplish my personal and entrepreneurial goals
I definitely need a little bit of everything!
What negative thoughts come up for you when putting yourself out there?
I am not good enough, I am inadequate
It's not safe for me to live my passion, I will not be able to create a sustainable brand
I am overwhelmed with balancing my daily practices and stepping into my purpose, I don't do well with the follow through
I experience all of these thoughts
How would your loved ones honestly describe you?
Always taking care of others before taking care of yourself
Always putting your passion to the side to hustle to make money
Always feeling out of balance and naturally creative
All of the above
What's something that stops you from going for what you really want?
Fear of what other people will think of me
Fear of scarcity and not living up to expectations
Fear of the unknown and feeling misguided
All of the above
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