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All In The Family

Ranked one of the greatest sitcoms of all time, this 1970's show was based around the life of a working class bigot and his family. What show was it?
All In The Family
Archies Place
In The Heat Of The Night
The Courtship of Eddies Father
The main character was the lovable bigot Archie Bunker, who played Archie?
Carrol O'Conner
Rob Reiner
Bill Cosby
Mickey Rooney
The Bunkers live at 704 Hauser Street in what city?
Queens, NY
Newark, NJ
San Jose, CA
Philadephia, PA
Archies daughter Gloria is married to hippie Mike Stivic. What is Archies nickname for Mike?
Fat Boy
Archie is married to the lovable Edith Bunker, what is his nickname for his wife Edith?
Edith was very chatty, what did Archie always tell her to do?
Stifle It
Shut Up
Settle Down
Get Outta Here
The Bunkers next door neighbors eventually moved on up to the East Side and got their own show. Who were they?
The Jeffersons
The Brady Bunch
The Bundys
Lucy & Ricky Riccardo
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