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Events of the 70’s

Launched in the USA in 1972, this video game was widely considered the first video game ever.
Super Mario
Game Boy
In the summer of 1977 the best selling artist of all time died. Who was it?
Mick Jagger
Jimi Hendrix
Janis Joplin
Elvis Presley
In 1970, a tragic plane crash killed all on board including 37 players from this college football team. What team was it?
Minnesota Timberwolves
Georgia Bulldogs
Marshall Thundering Herd
Iowa Buckeyes
During anti-war demonstrations, the National Guard killed 4 students from this college?
Fredonia State
University of Kentucky
Texas A&M
Kent State
At 10AM on Oct 1st, 1975 these two heavyweight fighters battled 100+ degree temperature in the Thriller in Manila. Who were they?
Muhammed Ali & George Foreman
Muhammed Ali & Joe Frazier
Mike Tyson & Joe Frazier
George Foreman & Ken Norton
In 1973, what band released The Dark Side of The Moon that would stay on the Billboard charts for a record setting 741 weeks?
Jefferson Airplane
The Who
Pink Floyd
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