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What are you most likely to be doing on the weekends?
Working ahead on your endless to-do list, then making a new one for the next week
Spending quality time with your best friend
Dreaming up your next creative project
Going on a spontaneous weekend getaway trip
Planning the next event for the organization you serve
On the floor laughing with your whole gang
What are you most likely do when faced with a tough decision
Tough decision? No problem
Pick the one that doesn't hurt anyone
Think of the best case scenario and hope it works itself out
Just go for it, it'll probably be fine
Analyze the pros and cons and pick the best one possible
Just laugh it off
What are you most likely to be shopping for?
A new planner and your favorite pens
A meaningful gift for you bestie
A cute accent pillow you couldn’t resist
Any kind of ticket that gets you to your next destination
A dress for your next presentation
A tub of ice cream for you and your pal
Your latest Instagram post probably is...
Who has time for social media...
A group picture of all your friends at brunch
Your best #pinterestgoals picture of your room
An amazing selfie from your recent travels
The desk setup that makes you successful everyday
A meme because everyone needs a little humor in their feed
How are you most likely celebrating your birthday?
Working…like usual?
Celebrating with close friends and family at home
Picking up last minute decorations for your party
Prepping for your all-day birthday excursion
Finishing up the invite list for the party you planned
Getting surprised with a hilariously themed party
Words you live by on a daily basis:
Can’t stop, won’t stop
Always choose kindness
Anything is possible
Rules are meant to be broken
Speak up, speak loud
Laughter is the best medicine
What are you most likely to be watching:
Shark Tank
Gilmore Girls
Fixer Upper
Amazing Race
The Devil Wears Prada
Parks and Rec
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