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What should you dress up as for Halloween based on your marketing persona?

You use social media for...
Scrolling through great content
Engaging with people online
Reading interesting articles
I don't
How often do your plan your content?
Very rarely. I like to post when inspiration strikes
You're supposed to plan?!
I'm so organised, I could be posting content until the end of the year
If you had to choose ONE, which marketing channel is the most effective?
Social media!
PPC, duh
SEO, obviously
Email FTW
How many people do you engage with on social media in a day?
Loads, I'm a social butterfly
It depends who I'm currently ghosting
Eh, I hardly ever interact with people
I don't interact. I just lurk and scroll
Your colleagues would describe you as...
Quiet and shy
The ideas man
Disruptive. Stop talking and get back to work!
The scariest thing that could happen this Halloween is...
A huge Google update
Losing all the data on your hard drive - and the Cloud
Cost per Click goes up by £50 overnight
Your content ideas dry up forever
{"name":"Which costume did you enjoy the most?", "url":"","txt":"You use social media for..., How often do your plan your content?, If you had to choose ONE, which marketing channel is the most effective?","img":""}
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