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Dr. Thrower's Skin Type Quiz

1. What size pores do you have?
Large - Many visible pores
Varied - Vary in size
Small - Very few, if any, can be seen
2. Where on your face do you see pores?
Forehead, nose, cheeks and chin
None or only on the forehead and/or nose
All or most areas of the face
3. Do you suffer from acne?
Rarely to never
Occasionally to moderate
Constant to severe
4. Do you have greasiness/ shininess?
Yes - Shiny appearance and a greasy feel several hours after cleansing
Yes, in some places - A few areas are oily and other areas are slightly dry
No - Very matte finish
5. Do you experience any skin discoloration?
Few to no dark spots, and mild to moderate skin discoloration
Few or no dark spots, and little to no skin discoloration
Moderate to severe dark spots and skin discoloration
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