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Movies of the 1950s

This 1955 American drama film about emotionally confused suburban, middle-class teenagers was release after its star James Dean died in a car accident.
Rebel Without A Cause
North by Northwest
Some Like It Hot
Which 1952 musical, featuring one of the most famous dance scenes on film with Gene Kelly, was only a modest hit when it was first released?
Singin’ in the Rain
An American in Paris
Music Man
Which 1950 classic Disney movie featuring a glass slipper and saved the Walt Disney company from nearly going bankrupt?
Sleeping Beauty
Which 1956 Alfred Hitchcock film, declared by critics to be one of his best movies, starred James Stewart as a wheelchair-bound photographer and Grace Kelly as his girlfriend?
Rear Window
All About Eve
Bette Davis starred in which 1950 drama, which went on to earn 14 Academy Award nominations, making it the only movie in Oscar history to receive four female acting nominations?
All About Eve
The Blue Gardenia
The Ten Commandments
Which 1951 drama, based on a 1947 Tennessee Williams play, turned Marlon Brando into a major Hollywood movie star after his lead role as Stanley Kowalski?
A Streetcar Named Desire
The Searchers
Some Like It Hot
North By Northwest
Which 1959 American epic, set in the Roman Empire and starring Charlton Heston, had the largest budget of any movie made at the time, at just over $15 million?
Julius Caesar
Lion in Winter
Which 1952 Western starring Gary Cooper as a town marshal has been named the favorite movie of multiple U.S. Presidents?
High Noon
Red River
Rio Bravo
Bend of the River
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