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Which Jurassic Park Character Are You?

Pick A Dinosaur:
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Which Word Applies to you the Most?
Pick A Dream Job:
It's Rope Drop at Jurassic World. Where Do You Head First?
The Gyrosphere
The Mesosaurus Feeding Show
The Gentle Giants Petting Zoo
The Hammond Creation Lab
You're Getting Ready for a (Jurassic) Park Day! What Do You Wear?
An All Black Fit
White and Khaki All Day
A Blue Button-Up and Some Sunnies
A Hawaiian Shirt obviously
You're Having a Jurassic Marathon! What Drink Do You Reach For?
Iced Water.. Keepin' it Simple.
A Cold Margarita
Tequila on the Rocks
A Soda
If They Could Be, Should Dinosaurs Be Brought Back?
Absolutely Not! They're Extinct for a Reason!
Bring Them Back!
Can I Meet One at Universal? And will there be an Express Pass?
If They're Kept in the Park, Yeah!
What vehicle would you use to get around Jurassic World?
The Classic JP Jeep
A Helicopter
A Raptor .. duh
Nothing.. Just RUN!
{"name":"Which Jurassic Park Character Are You?", "url":"","txt":"Pick A Dinosaur:, Which Word Applies to you the Most?, Pick A Dream Job:","img":""}