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What's Your Connexity Style? 

You're at the beach. What's the FIRST thing you do?
Make sure everyone's wearing sunscreen
Head to the rental kiosk for a paddleboard
Cowabunga into the water
Scout out the best place to put your towels
A salesperson shows up at the clinic with a piece of equipment they say is going to change your life. What do you ask first?
Can I see some case studies?
How much does it cost?
Can I try?
How does it work?
You win a gift card for a free book. Which section of the bookstore do we find you in?
Wandering around looking at everything
Whose TED talk would you tune into first?
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Gary Vaynerchuk
Simone Biles
Steve Jobs
I'm GIVING the TED talk!
You're on a roadtrip and want to pass the time. What podcast are you tuning into?
How Stuff Works
We Can Do Hard Things
The Daily
Anything true crime!
None. I do my own thing
What gets you most excited at conferences?
Medical: What are the newest techniques?
Practice management: How do I improve my business?
The exhibit hall: Let me see the new things!
Who's the keynote?
You and your friends want to go out to dinner. What restaurant do you suggest?
The newest place with all the buzz
Your favorite place that never lets you down
First, you need to poll the group
You're up for anything!
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