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Bugs Bunny

What kind of vegetable is Bugs Bunny usually seen eating?
What is the birth place for the rascally rabbit, Bugs Bunny?
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Hollywood, California
Brooklyn, New York
Tucson, Arizona
Who is the arch enemy of the fast running ground bird known as The Road Runner?
Wile E Coyote
The Tasmanian Devil
Elmer J Fudd
Bugs Bunny
Wile E Coyote utilizes absurdly complex gizmos and elaborate plans to try to capture The Road Runner. What mail order company does he order from?
The Coyote Company
Gadgets R Us
Bugs Bunny is one of the most loved cartoon characters of all time, who is is arch enemy?
Elmer J Fudd
The Road Runner
Daffy Duck
Porky Pig
Even though Bugs Bunny is so loved, he has two arch enemies, Elmer J Fudd and ...
Yosemite Sam
Tazmanian Devil
Daffy Duck
What is the name of the man who gave his voice to Bugs Bunny?
Mel Blanc
Walt Disney
Will Smith
Tom Hanks
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