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Test Your Haircare Knowledge With This Quiz

1. When should you skip the conditioner?
If you have an oily scalp
If it contains silicone
If you're going to another special event
All of the above
2. How to wash your hair daily?
Choose a mild shampoo for daily hair wash
Do not wash your hair daily
Regular hair wash means damage
None of the above
3. Which hair oil is best in the rainy season?
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Almond Oil
All of the above
4. What is the right technique to clean your scalp?
Gently use your nails to scrape the last bit of lather
Scratch your scalp to shampoo
Keep your nails away from your scalp and gently wash your hair
None of the above
5. What to do with shampoo before using it?
Dilute your shampoo with water
Spread shampoo evenly on your scalp
Rinse out all of the shampoo
All of the above
6. How to cleanse the scalp better?
Hair steaming
Wash your hair with hot water
Use baking soda with tea-tree oil
None of the above
7. How to prevent hair fall in monsoon season?
Shampoo your hair 2-3 times a week
Dry your hair the right way
Oiling is a must
All of the above
8. Why does hair fall in the rainy season?
High humidity
Acid rain
Chemical hair products make your hair oily
All of the above
9. How do you treat frizzy hair in monsoon?
Avoid straightening your hair often
Wash your hair from roots to tips with a good shampoo followed by a conditioner and apply a serum to wet hair
Use a hair masque which helps cutting frizz and gives your hair a good shine
None of the above
10. Should we oil our hair in monsoon?
Oiling is good for nourishing hair roots
Oil your hair two hours before washing
Oil can also help remove dandruff
All of the above
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