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Which Unique Memphis Venue is Right for Your Event?

What will your clients love most about Memphis?
 Photo by Dan Ball
Memphis is the home of music legends like Elvis
Beale Street and live music
Southern home-cooking and BBQ
The laid-back Southern hospitality
Historic significance of Memphis
Memphis is an affordable city
Walking to great restaurants downtown
My clients will love all the local attractions
What kind of meeting are you planning?
 Photo by Dan Ball
Something Else!
How many attendees do you expect for your meeting?
Photo by Craig Thompson
Under 99
100 to 249
250 to 500
More than 500
Which local attraction will your clients love most?
Photo by Dan Ball
Graceland and Elvis Presley's Memphis
Sun Studio
The Stax Museum of American Soul Music
The National Civil Rights Museum
Beale Street
Memphis Rock 'N' Soul Museum
The Bass Pro Shops at the Pyramid
What factors will matter most when you're deciding where to book your meeting?
Photo by David Meany 
Affordability for attendees
Modern convention center
Hotel size and availability
Meeting space size and availability
High quality of service
Direct flights
Local attractions and points of interest
Driving distance
What word captures the spirit of Memphis best?
Photo by Craig Thompson
Rock 'N' Roll
What incentive would make you more likely to book Memphis?
 Photo by James Wessels
Free WiFi
Meeting Space Discounts
Comped/Discounted Room Upgrades
F&B Discount
A/V Discount
Upgrades for VIPs
Visiting Memphis in Person
Have you ever planned a meeting in Memphis before?
Photo by Phillip Parker
I've considered it in the past, but we went somewhere else
How could Memphis improve?
Photo by Jack Kenner
Invest in larger hotels downtown
Modernize the convention center
Better public transportation
More direct flights
More large meeting spaces
Memphis doesn't offer enough incentives, compared to the competition
Crime and safety are my number one concern
I'm not sure right now!
{"name":"Which Unique Memphis Venue is Right for Your Event?", "url":"","txt":"What will your clients love most about Memphis?, What kind of meeting are you planning?, How many attendees do you expect for your meeting?","img":""}
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