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Employee Experience Quick Scan (EN)

1. You feel you have influence on the work that you do.
2. You feel your work matters.
3. You have access to the knowledge and expertise you need.
4. You can use your talents for the benefit of the team and/or the organization.
5. You feel appreciated.
6. You get the opportunity to grow in your work and you get the means to learn.
7. You recommend others to work at the organization.
8. Your organization invests in the well-being of employees (physical and mental health).
9. Your organization generally has a positive brand image.
10. Work environment factors and facilities (such as office location, workspaces, light, temperature, ventilation, noise, catering, etc.) contribute positively to the performance of your work.
11. Your organization offers flexible work options (such as the ability to work your own hours wherever you want) and encourages autonomy.
12. The technology you use within your organization is user-friendly and easily accessible.
13. You understand the vision and strategy of your organization.
14. You can agree with the core values ​​of your organization.
15. You have faith in management and leadership.
{"name":"Employee experience scan", "url":"","emurl":1,"txt":"Hoe goed scoort jouw organisatie op employee experience? Doe de scan van People like us en meet hoe goed jouw organisatie investeert in de ervaringen van medewerkers.","img":"","hash":"#employee-experience #peoplelikeus"}