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What Music Program is Right for Me (or My Child)?

I'm interested in lessons for:
I'm Primarily Interested in:
The Student Is:
How Skilled Is The Student/Client With Their Instrument/Voice?
1. Not Skilled At All. A true beginner.
2. Slightly Skilled
3. Moderately Skilled. (Have studied before and have a good grasp on the instrument)
4. Very Skilled
5. Extremely skilled (Have studied for 5+ years consistently)
How does the student use their instrument currently?
1 Recreational. Play/sing for fun only.
2. Recreational Plus. I play/sing for fun and learning.
3. Occasional Performer. I play/sing/perform occasionally and don't get paid.
4. Semi-Pro. I play/sing and get paid. Performing is not my main career.
5. Professional. I play/sing and get paid. Performing/Playing/Recording is my main career.
How would you measure your/your child's success in music lessons? (without using the word "practice")
All Done! Your results are being calculated. 
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{"name":"What Music Program is Right for Me (or My Child)?", "url":"","txt":"I'm interested in lessons for:, I'm Primarily Interested in:, The Student Is:","img":""}