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QUIZ: Derry Now Friday Quiz: Week 9

R1: General Knowledge Q1: What is to become mandatory on English public transport from June 15?
Keeping social distance
Talking to other passengers
Wearing a face covering
Standing up
Q2: What is the currency in Thailand?
Thai dollars
Q3: Amazon started off selling which product?
Q4: What was the name of the offensive staged by the Viet Cong on January 30, 1968?
Viet Offensive
Siam Offensive
Tet Offensive
Vet Offensive
Q5: In what country was Mother Teresa born?
R2: Local Knowledge: Q1: Kilrea United was one of two IFA-governed teams facing a financial penalty this week. Who was the other?
Dunloy FC
Greenwell Star
Vision Athletic
TW Braga
Q2: Which former GAA star is the current Chief Executive of Mid Ulster District Council?
Enda Muldoon
Anthony Tohill
Paul McFlynn
Joe Brolly
Q3: The Sperrin mountains straddle Derry and which other Ulster county?
Q4: Which Derry-born musician is the lead singer in 'The Divine Comedy'?
Phil Coulter
Neil Hannon
Nadine Coyle
Bronagh Gallagher
Q5: Which Limavady-born actress had had roles in Hollyoaks, The Fall and Derry Girls?
Bronagh Waugh
Jayne Wisener
Bronagh Taggart
Valene Kane
R3: 1980s: Q1: In which year did weather presenter Michael Fish infamously reassure viewers that there would not be a hurricane?
Q2: Where was the first Wrestlemania event held in 1985?
Madison Square Garden
Target Centre
United Centre
Freedom Hall
Q3: Who served as British Prime Minister for the whole of the 1980s?
John Major
Ted Heath
Margaret Thatcher
Harold Wilson
Q4: Who was responsible for the infamous 'You cannot be serious' rant at the 1981 Wimbledon championships?
Jimmy Connors
John McEnroe
Andrew Agassi
Pete Sampras
Q5: What was the first programme broadcast on Channel 4 when it debuted in 1982?
The Tube
Channel 4 News
R4: Music: Q1: What was the first Oasis song to reach the UK chart's top 10?
Don't Look Back in Anger
Live Forever
Q2: Which country singer was forced to cancel five shows in Dublin's Croke Park in 2014?
Nathan Carter
Garth Brooks
Dolly Parton
Kenny Rogers
Q3: What was the name of Bob Marley's band?
The Ravers
The Reggae Boys
The Wailers
The Whalers
Q4: Brian Downey was the drummer in which Irish rock band?
Thin Lizzy
Boomtown Rats
The Horslips
Q5: Who released the single 'I Want To Know What Love Is' in 1985?
R5: TV & Film: Q1: Which RTÉ series sets highlights from a period in history to music of that era?
Pop Goes Northern Ireland
Time Team
Reeling in the Years
Winding in the Years
Q2: The tagline 'How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways' is from which 1999 film?
Fight Club
10 Things I Hate About You
American Beauty
Notting Hill
Q3: Which Enniskillen-born actor plays Superintendent Ted Hastings in 'Line of Duty'?
Martin Compston
Vicky McClure
Adrian Dunbar
Keeley Hawes
Q4: After 'Pulp Fiction', Uma Thurman next starred in which Quentin Tarantino film?
Jackie Brown
Sin City
Kill Bill
Q5: Which football commentator uttered the now famous 'They think it's all over' line at the 1966 World Cup?
Des Lynam
Kenneth Wolstenholme
John Motson
Clive Tyldsley
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