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Do You "Drive Smart"?

What should happen when your phone rings while you’re driving?
Text back with a detailed emoji and gif sequence
Return the call once you arrive at your destination or have a passenger answer
Answer at the next red light and take detailed notes on the conversation
Throw your phone out the window so it never happens again
Which of these actions are good to do while you are driving?
Rolling down your window so that the dog on your lap can get some fresh air
Reading the last chapter of a book before today’s exam
Applying make-up or painting nails
Checking mirrors and blind spots
Planning your day or creating a to-do list on the phone while driving….
Shows good organizational skills
Gives structure to one’s day
Is a good use of one’s time
Takes the focus off of driving safely
Friends are loudly bickering with each other in the backseat of the car. The driver should…
Turn around and play referee
Turn the radio volume up to drown out their voices
Focus on that argument rather than focusing on the road
Ask them to cool it off until you’re safely parked
What should drivers do when they first get into the car?
Hold their phone in one hand and grip the wheel in the other
Keep their phone in their lap for easy access
Put on a seat-belt, check mirrors/blind spots and place their phone in the glove compartment or purse/bag
Put their phone on the dashboard so they can see the phone and road at the same time
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