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How Common is Your Pet Parenting Style?

Where does your pet sleep?
In my bed.
In their own bed.
In their own room.
Wherever they end up falling asleep!
Do you dress up your pet?
All. The. Time.
Only for special occasions.
Do you take your pet with you when you leave the house?
Almost always.
Pretty often.
I have a pet that you shouldn't take out in public.
Do you have anything with your pet's face on it?
Not yet!
Do you have an Instagram account for your pet?
Does your profile picture include your pet?
Sure does!
When your pet wants your food, do you...
Split my entire meal.
Give them a little.
Give them NOTHING.
Do you celebrate your pet's birthday?
Yes! With a huge party.
Yes! With his/her favorite treat.
I might post about it, but we don't celebrate much.
How many tricks does your pet know?
The basics.
SO MANY TRICKS!!! My pet is a genius.
Uhhh.... not many.
{"name":"How Common is Your Pet Parenting Style?", "url":"","txt":"Where does your pet sleep?, Do you dress up your pet?, Do you take your pet with you when you leave the house?","img":""}
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