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Weird Al Yankovic Songs

In 1984, comedic singer Weird Al Yankovic released the song "Eat It" and released a music video of rival gangs fighting over a rubber chicken as a parody to what Michael Jackson song?
Beat It
Don't Take the Girl
Hungry Hippo
What was the second Michael Jackson song did Weird Al parody with his single, "Fat," a humorous take on MJ's one-word 1988 hit?
in 2006, Weird Al proved he could rap and hit #9 on the Billboard charts, his most successful song yet, with "White & Nerdy," a parody of what Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone song?
Turn it Up
What Me Whip, Whip
Jump, Jump
In his 1985 music video, "Like a Surgeon," Weird Al donned scrubs and mimicked the moves of Madonna as he parodied which of her hit songs?
Like a Virgin
Papa Don't Preach
Doctor Love
Weird Al went Amish, dressing the part and riding in a buggy for the music video "Amish Paradise," a parody of what Coolio song that was featured on the movie "Dangerous Minds"?
Gangsta's Paradise
Dear Mama
Getting' Down on Da Farm
Fantastic Voyage
Weird Al made fun of Kurt Cobain's enunciation style in the song "Smells Like Nirvana" with the lyrics "marbles in my mouth" as he parodied which of Nirvana's iconic songs?
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Have a Cigar
Best of You
Black Hole Sun
What catchy 2013 Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. song did Weird Al parody with his song "Word Crimes," a spoof on the misuse of English grammar?
Blurred Lines
My House
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