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Which facial is best for you?

What is your primary goal for your facial?
I want to relax and unwind
I want instant results
I want to understand my skin and take care of it better
I want to calm my sensitive skin
All of that sounds good!
What is your favorite part of the facial?
The facial massage and scalp massage
I like trying specialty treatments like jelly masks and dermaplaning
When the esthetician tells me all about my skin
Anything that makes my skin feel calm
I can't pick a favorite!
How experienced are you with facials?
This will be my first facial!
I'm just starting to get into the habit of regular facials
I've never had a facial, because my skin is very sensitive
I've had a few facials in the past
I have had many facials, and specialty treatments like dermaplaning and chemical peels.
{"name":"Which facial is best for you?", "url":"","txt":"What is your primary goal for your facial?, Which is your favorite part of the facial?, How experienced are you with facials?","img":""}
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