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Soap Operas

What very popular soap opera, nicknamed AMC, ran from 1970 to 2013, and was set in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, and launched the career of Susan Lucci?
All My Children
About My Children
All My Cares
Pine Valley, USA
What soap opera is set in the fictional town of Genoa City, Wisconsin, and centered around the wealthy Brooks family and the poor Foster family, who were later replaced with characters from the Johnson, Williams, Barber, and Winters families?
The Young and the Restless
All My Children
Bold and the Beautiful
The Big Bang
Which show's name ends with the famous tagline, "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the ____________________"?
Days of Our Lives
Hours of Pain
Loves of Our Lives
Years Ahead
What medical themed soap opera was set in the eastern city of Port Charles?
General Hospital
Grey's Anatomy
Chicago Hope
What soap opera ran for 15 years on the radio before it's 57 year run on CBS and featured long running character Phillip Spaulding?
Guiding Light
Bold and the Beautiful
Spaulding Life
Young and the Restless
What 1980s primetime soap opera revolved around the lives of wealthy Denver family, The Carringtons?
Melrose Place
Falcon Crest
What 1980s primetime soap centered around the feuding wealthy Gioberti and Channing families in the Californian wine industry?
Falcon Crest
Knots Landing
Miami Vice
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