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1990's One Hit Wonders

What is the name of Vanilla Ice's one-hit-wonder that borrowed it's baseline from "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie?
Ice Ice Baby
Play That Funky Music
I'm Too Sexy
Funky Cold Medina
What 1995 one-hit-wonder, with Spanish lyrics, performed by Los Del Rio, has it's own dance move?
A Mí Me Gusta
What is the name of the Billy Ray Cyrus one-hit-wonder that hit number one on the country charts in 1992?
Achey Breaky Heart
Dust On the Bottle
Friends in Low Places
Third Rock from the Sun
is the name of the one-hit-wonder by Ecuadorian artist Gerardo that translates to "Rich Smooth" in English?
Rico Suave
Mo' Ritmo
Dinero Agave
Senor. Smooth
What Chumbawamba one-hit-wonder was named after a common UK term for a politician who "jumps on the bandwagon" with a populist idea?
"Bitter Sweet Symphony"
"Paranoid Android"
What song off of Lou Vega's album "A Little Bit of Mambo" was his one-hit--wonder?
Mambo No. 5
Mambo No. 4
Mambo No. 3
Mambo No. 6
What song did New Zealand band, OMC, hit number one with on the US charts in 1996?
How Bizarre
The Sign
Kiss From a Rose
Semi-Charmed Life
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