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Which Guardian Safety Pendant is best for you?

What is the gender of The User?
May be used by anyone
What language(s) does the User speak?
Language other than English
English + non-English language(s)
Is the User looking for a pendant, a watch, or something they don't have to wear (in home system)?
In Home System
What is the cell signal like in the User's home?
Poor signal (1-2 bars)
Average (2-4 bars)
Excellent (4+ bars)
How important is Automatic Fall Detection? (Fall Detection notifies emergency contacts when a fall is detected.)
Not necessary
Is it critical to keep track of the user’s location?
Not necessary
Not sure
Are speed-dial options of interest to the User?
I'd like to speed-dial any of my emergency contacts
Maybe 1 or 2 speed-dial buttons
Either, I'm not fussed
I don't need speed-dialling
Would the User prefer the pendant to notify events via beeps and vibrations or voice prompts?
Beeps and vibrations
Voice prompts
Either, I'm not fussed
Well done! To view your result, please enter your name...
...and your email address.
Who do you want The User to speak to in an emergency? (not available for SOFIHUB)
Family & Friends
24/7 Professional Monitoring (additional cost)
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