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"Would You Rather" Time Management Style Quiz

Would You Rather:
Stay in
Go out
A little of both
Would You Rather:
Know what's coming
Be surprised
Take it as it comes
Would You Rather:
Write a thank you card
Call to say thank you
Wait to see them to say thank you
Would You Rather:
Get up early
Stay up late
I'm best in the afternoon
Would You Rather:
Wing it
A little of both
Would You Rather:
Use a paper calendar
Use an electronic calendar
I don't use a calendar
Would You Rather:
Do a little each day
Do it all in one day
Do it as it comes
Would You Rather:
Strive for perfection
Accept good enough
just enjoy the process
Would You Rather:
See the details
Know the big picture
Focus on what's in front of me
Would You Rather:
Have the same routine each day
Have a different routine each day
I don't like routines
Would You Rather:
Work on things yourself
Work on things together
Would You Rather:
Have a fixed schedule
Have a flexible schedule
I don't like schedules
Would You Rather:
Complete the big thing first
Get all the little things done first
The urgent is what gets my attention
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