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The Cloudy Headlight Quiz by

All newer vehicles headlights are made of?
Poly Carbonite Plastic
ABS Plastic
What is the (main) reason headlights fade and become cloudy?
Rain/Hail/Bad Weather
UV Exposure
Sand Blasting/Fast Driving
Mulitple Car Washes
What is the minimum required distance (in feet) that a properly working headlight projects?
75 Feet
150 Feet
250 Feet
100 Feet
Cloudy headlights can always be restored...
To a Like New Condition
To a Slightly Better Condition
To a Like New Condition But It Is Much Cheaper To Replace Headlight Assembly
To a Like New Condition Unless Lens Is Cracked or Sand Pitted Badly
True or False? Most people are unaware of the safety issues due to poor working headlights?
True or False? Most people don't have time to think about their cloudy headlights?
True or False? Some law enforcement agencies can and will issue citations for cloudy headlights?
True of False? Most auto insurance companies will pay you to fix your headlights?
What percentage of vehicles on the road need headlight restoration?
Over 50%
The main reason to keep your headlights clear and like new is?
To Be Able To See The Road Safely At Night
Improves Appearance Of Vehicle
Improves Re-Sell Value Of Vehicle
All Of The Above
The average cost for professional headlight restoration is?
$100 Or More
The average replacement cost for one new headlight lens assembly including installation is?
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