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#1 Songs of 1977

What Eagles song, maybe their most well known, hit number one in 1977 and is described by the band as an "interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles"?
Hotel California
California Dreamin'
Take It Easy
Hall and Oates hit number one in 1977 with what song about a spoiled young woman who relies on her parents money?
Rich Girl
Rich and Pretty
Can't Buy Me Love
Wealthy Woman
What Debby Boone cover song, featured on the soundtrack of the 1977 film of the same name, held the number one spot for ten weeks and starts with the line, "So many nights I'd sit by my window, waiting for someone to sing me his song."
You Light Up My Life
California Daydreams
When I Look At You
Light in Your Eyes
What 1977 workplace disco song by Rose Royce was featured on a 1976 film of the same name and was later covered by artists 2004 by Christina Aguilera and Missy Elliott for the animated film, "Sharks"?
Car Wash
Stayin' Alive
Wishing On A Star
Meet Me at the Diner
What ABBA song, their only U.S. number one, topped the charts in 1977 and became a disco anthem?
Dancing Queen
Mamma Mia
I Will Survive
We Are Family
The Emotions held the number one spot in 1977 with what cheery , horn-filled love anthem?
Best of My Love
Boogie Wonderland
Key To My Heart
I've Got Love on my Mind
The BeeGees ended 1977 with what number one song, a love ballad?
How Deep is Your Love
Stayin' Alive
Undercover Angel
Jungle Love
The longest running #1 hit of 1977 was this Debbie Boone's Grammy Nominated inspirational hit which was later covered by LeAnn Rimes and also Whitney Houston?
You Light Up My Life
Love Story
Gonna Fly Now
Muskrat Love
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