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What is Your Confidence Type?

When you attend a social event or party where you know very few people, you are most likely to:
Scan the room for people you think seem interesting and approach them.
Immediately begin introducing yourself to everyone around you and make new friends.
Get a beverage, take your time to warm up and decide who you might approach, hoping someone will approach you.
Casually chill out or busy yourself because there are few people you will want to talk to.
Find a corner where you can watch and avoid talking to people.
When you want something from someone close to you and you aren’t sure what they are going to say, you are most likely to:
Quietly wish you could ask them, but feel really nervous about it.
Tell yourself they probably won’t say “yes” and don’t bother asking.
Tease them as a way to bring it up and see if they figure it out and offer it.
Ask them to make time to hang out and once you’ve had some time to connect, ask them in a friendly manner.
Ask them directly for what you want.
3. If you are sexually attracted to and interested in pursuing someone you recently met, you would most likely:
Call, text or email them and ask them to go out.
Find out who you know that knows them and use your networks to make a connection.
Strategically put yourself in their social space and flirt with them so they know you are interested.
Keep your crush to yourself and hope they’ll notice you, until you find reasons why they are not right for you or you can’t take it anymore and you just ask them.
Convince yourself they’ll never like you that way and drop it.
4. When you make a decision about a big purchase, you:
Feel indecisive for awhile.
Tell yourself you don’t really need it.
Feel torn between wanting it and feeling unsure whether you really should do it.
Talk to people you know about it, have them weigh in on it, and then make your decision.
Go for it without over-thinking it if you feel in your gut it’s right for you.
If you are going out with friends and you want to do something different than what many of them want, you would probably:
Tell them to have a great time, and take off to do your own thing.
Facilitate a discussion about the pros and cons of what people are wanting and check in with everyone.
Say what you want and then let go if they don’t agree, even if you aren’t happy about it.
Go along with it and you might make a comment that reveals your unhappiness with the choice, or blame others if it doesn’t work out.
Agree to do whatever the group wants to do.
If you have been dating someone and haven’t yet had sex, if you decide you want to, you would:
Be quietly turned on hoping they initiate.
Cooly wait to see if they go for it, making some hints about what you want.
Get your flirt on and seduce the hell out of them.
Playfully flirt and check in to see where they’re at.
Tell them you want to have sex and get to it.
If you have an opportunity to present your work to a group of people who would be the perfect audience for you, you would:
Plan it to the nines and go all out to make sure it’s great.
Ask friends to listen to your run-through or read it beforehand and give you feedback and ask them to come to the event to support you.
Do the presentation, and downplay it when people who know you ask you about it, or maybe just not tell people you are doing it at all.
Ask a lot of questions of the organizers to decide whether it’s worthwhile to do it.
Decline because it scares you and figure you’ll do it some other time.
If you have the chance to compete in a contest where you really want to win, and it would involve you getting on stage in front of a lot of people, you would probably:
Be very anxious about getting on stage and would avoid it.
Tell yourself all the reasons why you don’t want to do this and adamantly decline if your friends encouraged you to do it.
Not jump to do it, but if you got enough coaxing you would somewhat reluctantly get on stage.
Do it if your friends encourage you to or if you feel like you have enough support in the audience to do it.
Be the first to raise your hand and hop on stage.
If you are dissatisfied with the sex you are having with someone you really care about, you would:
Ask them if you could talk about your sex life and kindly discuss what would make sex better for you.
Ask them to tell you how sex is going for them and open the dialogue about it, so you can both share some of your feelings.
Have a hard time telling them but would awkwardly do your best to bring it up and talk about it.
Figure they either won’t care or won’t get it and say nothing, or just bluntly tell them you’re unhappy and get it over with.
Quietly accept it and let it go, hoping it will get better.
When you go for an interview for a job, promotion or position you really want, you approach it by:
Feeling anxious because you want it so much and end up being pretty nervous.
Being afraid you won’t get it, but going anyway and asking a lot of questions that might reveal that it’s not really a fit for you, and if you don’t get it, telling people the reasons why it wasn’t right for you anyway.
Going in and doing your best and not telling people until you have some positive results to announce
Making sure you feel good in what you wear, being warm with the interviewer, asking a lot of questions, and following-up with a friendly note after the fact.
Wearing your best clothes and going in knowing you know your stuff and that you are totally right for the job.
At a dinner party with friends, you recognize that someone is giving incorrect facts about a topic you consider yourself an expert in. You handle the situation by
Staying quiet--there is no need to draw attention to your talents
Sarcastically agree, making a joke about the situation
Mentally debating whether to correct the inaccuracy, and chiming in only after someone else points it out
Politely praise your friend about what they did have right, and bring in the correction after that
Jump in to the conversation full force--you are the expert after all!
Your boss compliments you on a job well done for something that has taken a lot of work. In response, you:
Feel uncomfortable with the attention and deflect it away from you
Laugh it off or make a self-deprecating comment about the things you could have done better
Say thanks but downplay how much it took to achieve the goal. Wonder whether their appreciation is really genuine.
Counter with "Thanks, I really worked hard on that. I’m pleased you recognize my efforts."
Enthusiastically accept the compliment and let them know you are ready for any challenge
You have made an honest mistake at work. After realizing the error you...
Feel totally ashamed and keep quiet, hoping nobody traces it back to you.
Become angry at yourself, and reveal the mistake with a self-deprecating joke to your coworkers
Quietly hide the evidence of your mistake so that people don't see what went wrong
Go to your superior and apologetically confess to the mistake, hoping for understanding
Rationalize what went wrong, or shift the blame to someone else, and then do what you can to fix it
Your partner wants to spice up your sex life and makes some suggestions to do so. You react by:
Nervously listening to the conversation, agreeing to everything they say
Passive-aggressively making a joke about how what you have now is not enough to satisfy them
Offering a coy response, and/or filing away the information and using it for seduction later
Creating dialogue about the new options in an effort to meet everyone's desires and needs
Taking on the challenge, either by adding your own fantasies in… or just jumping their bones
If two of your close friends are mad at each other and it's awkward for you, you would probably:
Be really direct and call them on their BS where you see it
Lead a dialogue to create more connection, compassion and communication
Figure out what's going on, but don't let on your feelings so they can work it out on their own
Crack jokes about it, or make a snarky comment
Stay quiet and do your best to let things resolve on their own, or assume that the awkwardness is your fault
{"name":"What is Your Confidence Type?", "url":"","txt":"When you attend a social event or party where you know very few people, you are most likely to:, When you want something from someone close to you and you aren’t sure what they are going to say, you are most likely to:, 3. If you are sexually attracted to and interested in pursuing someone you recently met, you would most likely:","img":""}
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