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What is your love language based on the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine?

What is your best feature?
My clear, sometimes piercing eyes
My calming voice
My luscious hair
My infectious smile
My clear skin
What is your tendency when stressed out?
I withdraw from others and go inward
I place my focus on controlling my situation as much as possible
I get anxious, frustrated, or even angry
I find comfort in eating
I feel a little overwhelmed or sometimes hopeless
What attracts you most to a partner?
I am all about the passion and romance!
Someone who can keep up with me, or even challenge me!
Someone I can feel comfortable and secure with
Deep talks, philosophical explorations, learning about life.
Intelligence and drive to continue achieving is so inspiring to me.
Which type of massage sounds best?
Deep tissue for my chronically tense neck and shoulders
A healing abdominal massage
A hot stone massage to loosen up my stiff muscles
Lots of focus on my lower back
A sensual, full-body massage, preferably from my partner
Which of these best describes your personality?
I’m confident and ambitious. I enjoy being a leader.
I can be introspective, but when I know what I want, I will really go for it.
I am a peacemaker. I like to make sure that others are taken care of.
I am charismatic and expressive, and I am energized by my connections with others.
I am disciplined and discerning. I know that if I can stay focused, I’ll achieve big things.
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