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Idioms & Phrases Part 2

What does it mean when you are told that "the ball is in your court"?
It is up to you to make the next decision or step
It is your turn to do a chore
You need to pay the bill
You are successful
What are you doing when you are" burning the midnight oil"?
Wasting time
Ruining dinner
Working late
Having nightmares
What does it mean to be "under the weather"?
Get into a fight with your spouse
Get caught without an umbrella
Feel sick or unhealthy
Cancel travel plans due to rain or snow
When something happens "once in a blue moon" what does that mean?
It is impossible
It happens annually
It only happens at night
It occurs very rarely
You like cars
If a task is a "piece of cake" what does that mean?
It's super easy
It's so enjoyable it doesn't feel like work
It will be rewarded with a treat
It involves cake
What is a "couch potato"?
A lazy person
A body shape
A journalist
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