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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is the central character of what long-running comic strip?
What is Charlie Browns most well known catch phrase?
Good Grief
Holy Cow
No Way
Get Outta Here
What famous person from WWI does Snoopy pretend to battle from the top of his dog house?
Red Baron
Vladimir Putin
Charlie Brown
Yosemite Sam
Who is Charlie Brown in love with?
Peppermint Patty
Little Red-Haired Girl
Doris Day
How much does Lucy charge for psychiatric help at her booth?
5 cents
10 cents
1 dollar
5 dollars
What famous scenario involving Charlie Brown and a football repeats year after year?
Lucy pulls it away
He kicks a field goal
He kicks it through a neighbors window
He sits on it and falls
Once, the scenario did not end in the standard way. What happened instead?
Lucy held the ball but Charlie Brown kicked her hand
Lucy held the ball and Charlie Brown tripped
The wind blew the ball away
Charlie Brown kicked the ball
What name does Peppermint Patty call Charlie Brown?
Mr Brown
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