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Friday Quiz

Why do we read surat Al Kahf on Friday?
it's a Holy Day
Best day of the week
Recommended by the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
Surat Al Kahf
A sura revealed on Friday with 110 ayahs
A Makka surat with 110 ayahs
A Madina surat with 110 ayahs
According to Nabii Muhammad (saw) among the virtue of Friday is:
There is such an hour that if any Muslim makes dua in it, his dua will definitely be accepted.
Allah SubhanaAllah wa taala free more people from hell
If you are born on this day you will be exempted from the torment of the grave
How many years did As'habil Kahf sleep in the cave?
Which surat consists of the following stories (1) The story of the people of the cave; (2) The man with the two gardens; (3) Nabii Musa (as) and Al Khidr; (4) The story of Dhul Qarnain
Surat Baqarah
Surat Al Kahf
Surat Taa-ha
According to hadith of prophet Muhammad (saw), if you read surat Al Kahf on Friday
Your sins will be forgiven until next friday
You will have a light between this Friday and the next.
You will be protected from Dajjal
The most virtuous Day of the week is
What is the relationship between surat Al Kahf and Dajjal
Swalatul Jumu'ah for men is
Fardh 'ayn
Fardh Kifaya
One of the highly recommended deeds on Friday is:
To send blessings upon Nabii Muhammad (saw)
To fast
To recite Yaa-Siin
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