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Poll - Puppet Pirates #106 Voting

120 Votes in 29 days
Created 21st September 2021 - 0:43 AM
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Results Breakdown - Part 2 / 6

Boochbeard: "I want All of them!" Gandry: "Eye see you should wait for the next Patch." ~ Kirollos HakeemCrown
Boochbeard: "Hmm. Would you also like an eyepatch Gandry?" Gandry: "I don't think I would need one, Capitan." Boochbeard: "Oh, you never know. I thought the same thing once. Best to get them while they're on sale." Gandry: "Uh..." ~ Sestiva Song
Boochbeard: "One patch, two patch, green patch, blue patch. Which will make me look and feel more piratey?" Gandry: "Definitely the rubber ducky one. Then once you get a matching hat for it you can be known as 'Rubberduckybeard'". ~ Seth/Flash33
Gandry: "Eye, Eye... Captain I say you should just keep the one you have." ~ Generous Angel Whitman
Boochbeard: "Which one do ye like the most?" Gandry: "I don’t think any of these look good." Boochbeard: "Ye must have a bad eye for fashion."
Gandry: "Capitan... may I ask why did you buy all of these eye patches?" Boochbeard: "Don't worry about the crowns I've spent, we are NPCs, we have unlimited amount of crowns!" ~ Stormy James
Boochbeard: "I could've sworn they said the pirate would be here." Gandry: "I think they said Armada, not harmonica...why are we in a store?" Boochbeard: "Oh...that would make sense wouldn't it?" ~ Katherine Ashburn
Boochbeard: "Do ye think any of these patches will fit me well Gandry?" Gandry: "Perhaps not with that thick skull of yours, Captain. These are in size extra small." Boochbeard: *eyes Gandry suspiciously* ~ Ruthless Emily DeClark
Boochbeard: "Is it just me or do these guys look an awful lot like Kane?" Gandry: "Oh, yeah! this is what they do with the defeated armada soldiers. Why waste 'em?" ~ Dark Jewel Moone
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