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Poll - Puppet Pirates #105 Voting

59 Votes in 34 days
Created 24th August 2021 - 2:12 AM
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Results Breakdown - Part 2 / 6

Boochbeard: "Gandry I see a sky squid on the horizon! What say ye' we battle for some dinner?" Gandry: "I swear I will push him into the clouds if he can't leave the deck swabbed for five minutes." ~ Galen Radcliffe
Boochbeard: "Mop the poop decks Gandry while I watch for enemy ships." Gandry: "Why must we call them poop decks? It is such childish humor." ~ Gabriel Gerald
Boochbeard: "Look at that view!" Gandry: "You’re about the see a view of this mop in your face!" ~ Spiffy Flora Lester
Boochbeard: “Gandry! Gandry! Do you see what I see?” Gandry: “Yep. A giant Sky Squid...” Boochbeard: “Where? I don’t see one.” Gandry: “Oh I’m looking at it. Don’t worry.” ~ Austin
Gandry: "That's the last time I get suckered into challenging him to a hook shot contest!" ~ Fair Christina Nightingale
Gandry: "Our next quest should be to find a good speech therapist... I thought he said 'Rob the 'wrecks!" ~ The Friendly Necromancer
Gandry: "Why do I have to mop the deck? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you ever mop anything!" Boochbeard: "Well Gandry that’s because the decks are beneath me." ~ Able Abe
Gandry: "Swab the deck they said. it would be fun they said." Boochbeard: "You say something monkey?" Gandry: "Just that your wearing your hat backwards." ~ Fiery Griffin Windlass
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