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Thanks for helping to decide which Hendersonville home has the most festive display this year! Voting will be open from midnight on 12/7 to 11:59pm on 12/18. You may vote once per day and are encouraged to check out each display in person before casting your vote because all of these displays are more magical in person!
Once you are ready to vote, select one of the choices from below and cast your vote. The home that receives the most votes wins bragging rights until next December.
Which home holiday display do you think is the most festive?
Noblett Family, 351 Old Dana Road, Hendersonville
Young Family, 21 South River Road, Hendersonville
Kurtz Family, 228 Mud Creek Road, Fletcher
Blue Family, 115 Cinnamon Way, Flat Rock
Edney Family, 1005 Crab Creek Road, Hendersonville
Hudson Family, 301 Whispering Hills Drive, Hendersonville
Cox Family, 3443 Hebron Road, Hendersonville
Alexander Family, 141 Alligator Drive, Fletcher
Kirkby Family, 736 Ida Rogers Drive, Hendersonville
Phillips Family, 1102 Pinebrook Circle, Hendersonville
Angel Family, 1002 Orleans Avenue, Hendersonville
Wolfe Family, 303 Oak Grove Road, East Flat Rock
Hoard Family, 13 Chesnut Lane, Hendersonville
Gonski Family, 727 Lake Rugby Drive, Hendersonville
Adams Family, 21 Fox Valley Court, Hendersonville
Fletcher Family, 318 Pressley Road, Hendersonville
Fox Family, 124 Rock Hill Avenue, Hendersonville
Camacho Family, 844 Temon Street, Hendersonville
Heatherly Family, 404 Smythe Street, East Flat Rock
Rice Family, 181 Haw River Road, Fletcher
Bonk Family, 325 Ewarts Hill Road, Hendersonville
Poandl Family, 1504 Willow Road, Hendersonville
Prudhomme Family, 521 Wetmur Street, Hendersonville
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