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Which of the following coaches do you consider the BEST - in terms of nailing a taper, developing new swimmers, continuing to improve elite swimmers and maintain their high performance? Choose two answers - One coach for female swimmers and One coach for male swimmers (or just one if the same coach you pick is best Female and Male swimmers)
Gregg Troy
Greg Meehan
Dave Durden
Dave Salo
Jack Bauerle
Mike Parratto
Bob Bowman
Eddie Reese
Teri McKeever
Ray Looze
Arthur Albiero
Mike Bottom
Carol Capitani
Augie Busch
David Marsh
Peter Andrew
Steve Bultman
Todd DeSorbo
Braden Holloway
Bruce Gemmell
Matt Kredich
Sergio Lopez
Brett Hawke
Coley Stickels
Gary Taylor
Lars Jorgensen
Yuri Suguiyama
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