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Fic Dive of the Month March/April 2018
21 Days by 2old4fanfic 03/28/2018
Bad Timing by Lyrical Kris 03/13/2018
Blue Heart by LadyFelicity9797 04/11/2018
Boss, The by Edward's Eternal 03/13/2018
Intro to Cons 101 by punkfarie 04/18/2018
Little Happy Mess by Honeybeemeadows 04/04/2018
Mr. Perfect/M Parfait by ghostreader24 03/28/2018
My Chance by who're19 03/13/2018
Stolen Heart by aspire2write 03/07/2018
Weight of a Crown, The by Isabelle Sumner 04/18/2018
What's Left of Me by anhd1207 03/13/2018