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Fic Dive of the Month~Jan/Feb 2018
After Christmas by pattyrose 01/11/2018
Filthy Pirate by 2brown-eyes 01/30/2018
First Day, The by JonesnInDaHood 01/02/2018
Hopeless Kingdom by Fragilelittleflame 01/24/2018
I Fell in Love by anhd1207 01/30/2018
If it Should End in Darkness by DearFictionalCharacter 2/21/2018
If You Should Let Ghosts Die by Leah C. Drawn 02/21/2018
Is This the Worst Time to Kiss You? by MujerN 02/21/2018
Kiss, The by LFarichild98 02/21/2018
Letter, The by ericastwilight 01/02/2018
Mechanics and Mistletoe by tufano79 01/02/2018
Olympic Pen Missed Connections by BitterHarpy 01/24/2018
Passion and Propriety by Elise de Sallier 01/02/2018
Reputation by Fragilelittleflame 01/30/2018
Resting Grinch Face by LayAtHomeMom 01/02/2018
Tattoo on My Heart by sarahjdavis021 01/02/2018
TIME LAPSE by purpleC305 01/02/2018
Viral Sensation by Elise de Sallier 02/21/2018