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Do I Want Kids 

Give yourself the time needed to focus on the questions clearly and answer them as honestly as you can. Try not to be swayed by what you think you should answer, but rather what is the most accurate answer for you.
1. Which reason below most closely matches your biggest motivating reason for considering having a child?
I think I would make a great parent
I love children
I'm worried I'll regret it if I don't have kids
To experience parenthood
To carry on the family line
It’s what other people expect or want me to do
Everyone around me is having kids
To be happy / improve my life
I feel like I should have kids because of my age/gender/it's my duty to procreate
2. Which reason below most closely matches your biggest motivating reason for considering staying childfree?
There never seems to be a right time to have a baby
Being afraid of parenthood / I’m not sure if I’ll be a good parent
Having more free time and energy to focus on my own interests, needs, or goals
3. When you see parents with their babies or children do you usually…
Feel warm and excited by the idea of experiencing that one day
Get emotional wondering what you might be missing out on
Hardly notice them / Feel relieved that you don’t have that responsibility
4. Do your life goals, plans and desires conflict with or complement being a parent?
A little of both
5. When you think of having children or a childfree life do you associate one or the other with more happiness and meaning for you?
More happiness and meaning with having children
Either / Not sure
More happiness and meaning with staying childfree (your sense of meaning coming from other areas such as travel or career)
6. What do you value more highly – freedom and independence OR giving and nurturing?
Giving and nurturing
Both equally
Freedom and independence
7. When you imagine a childfree future – what is your first and main reaction?
Sadness and disappointment
A mix of emotions – good and bad
Relief and excitement
8. When you imagine having a child – what is the first and main emotion you feel?
Excitement, joy and curiosity
Confusion and a mix of positive and negative emotions
Anxiety, fear and stress
9. How satisfied are you with your current life?
I’m very satisfied but I’m also happy for things to change
I’m only somewhat satisfied and I’m hoping a child might improve that
I’m scared having a child might make things worse
I’m very happy with the way my life is and don’t want things to change
10. When you have had to take care of someone else how did it make you feel?
Good, I am nurturing by nature and like helping others when I can
Indifferent, but I help family when they need it
Annoyed, frustrated, or inconvenienced. I find it difficult to put someone else’s needs before my own
11. Are you ok with delaying or compromising some of your own needs, interests or goals if you needed to for the sake of your child, now and in the future?
Maybe / Unsure
12. Are you making this decision based purely on what you want, without being influenced by what other people, or society, want or expect of you?
Unsure / No
13. When you meet other people’s children do you…
Enjoy spending time with them
Feel curious but also a little awkward as you don’t know how to interact with them
Want to avoid interacting with them as much as possible
14. When you think about having a child, what do you mostly see…
Many exciting opportunities as a parent, although you know that it won’t always be easy
An equal amount of pros and cons
Too many challenges, obstacles and unreasonable sacrifices and/or a lack of opportunities to have the experiences you want
15. When you think about staying childfree, what do you mostly see…
A lack of opportunities to have the experiences you want and/or a loss of something potentially wonderful
An equal mix of pros and cons
More possibilities for living the life you desire and achieving your goals
16. Are you reasonably sure you're not feeling influenced to have a baby purely because all your friends are having children and/or you’re drawn into the fantasy or parenthood?
Somewhat sure
No I'm not sure / I know it is influencing me



17. Is your current relationship stable and loving, and therefore you are reasonably confident you are not considering having a child to try and improve the relationship or make up for any lack of love you might feel from your partner?
Yes, I'm reasonably confident
Somewhat / Unsure
No, I have some concerns about our relationship
18. Which scenario most closely matches your relationship?
We are both leaning more towards having kids but we’re not sure if we should, or when we should
We want different paths – one wants children and the other doesn’t
We are both equally unsure if we want to have kids or not
We are both leaning more towards staying childfree but are struggling with doubts, fears and/or pressure from others
{"name":"The  Do I Want Kids  Quiz", "url":"","txt":"1. Do you like spending time with children?, 2. Which reason below most closely matches your biggest motivating reason for considering having a child?, 3. Which reason below most closely matches your biggest motivating reason for considering staying childfree?","img":""}