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What type of high school student are you?

Out of these movies which is your favorite?
The iron Giant
Forest Gump
The Sandlot
How would you rather spend your weekend?
Going out with your friends to go eat Denny's and take pictures.
Go to the fields or gym to go and practice "Better yourself"
Spend it in solitary studying while crying in a pillow and causally taking breaks and watching Tik Toks
Go out to the beach with your friends
What extracurricular activities are you in?
Band, choir, or guitar club
Football, Cheer, basketball
Yearbook, Newspaper, Book Club
Acadeca, Speech & Debate, Theater Arts
When you get in trouble at school what's your reaction?
You blow off your teachers
You get really scared and become a brown noser
You play it off and tel your friends how you "totally told the teacher's off"
You never get in trouble *You gg*
What's your go to accessory?
One dangling cross
Rings *might leave fingers green*
Scrunchies (you know who you are)
Out of these shoe brands which is your favorite?
Vans (you'll color on them for the fun of it)
Croc's (because it's comfy Friday every day)
Doc Martins (Ummm Yep)
Adidas (400 hundred bucks and a empty back later)
Which kind of music attracts you?
R&B, with a mixture of pop
Punk Rock bands such as Two Door Cinema
Oldies ( Queen, The Rolling Stones, SRV, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles)
Music you swear nobody has heard *Bedroom Pop*
If you could live in any era which would it be?
1970's - 1980's
early 2000's
If you could have a limitless amount of credit at one store which would it be?
Hot Topic
Forever 21
How would you say your attitude is like
Stressed the heck out
Laid back
Stuck up
To cool for everyone
What does your room look like?
Lights hanging on the wall with posters, polaroids everywhere, and a random guitar sitting around that you swear you can play.
Your clothes thrown everywhere, because your to busy to clean your room.
Nothing, because your clean and like it simple and clean.
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