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Quaratine Weight Gain Risk Assessment

Since Quarantine, I Have Been Eating Processed Foods (think takeout, anything from a box or anything microwaved)
More Processed Foods
Less Processed Foods
About The Same
Processed foods! I always eat freshly prepared food
Since Quarantine, I Have Been Drinking Sugary Drinks (think soda, juice or sports drinks)
More Sugary Drinks
Less Sugary Drinks
About The Same
Only Water For Me
Since Quarantine, I Have Been Drinking Alchohol (think beer, wine or liquor - those selzter drinks count too!)
More Alchohol
Less Alchohol
About The Same
Only Water For Me
Since Quarantine, My Sleep Habits (any change of more than an hour - either staying awake or sleeping more)
Have Gotten Worse
Have Gotten Better
About The Same
Sleep! What's Sleep?
Since Quarantine, My Exercise Habits (all those walks around the neighborhood count!)
Have Gotten Better = Exercise More
Have Gotten Worse = Exercise Less
About The Same
Does Finger Exercise From More Remote Tapping Count?
{"name":"Quaratine Weight Gain Risk Assessment", "url":"","emurl":1,"txt":"Are you feeling sluggish, unhealthy or worried about weight gain while stuck at home? Take the 5 question Assessment and find out if you're at risk and how The Hernried Center can help!","img":"","hash":"#weightloss #healthyliving #health"}
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