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Which Native California Animal Are You?
Take our quick quiz to find out which animal best corresponds to your personality.
What animal are you


Where do you live?
The city
The suburbs
The country
The mountains
The beach
How social are you?
I love to hang with my friends
I prefer to keep to myself
I only like to spend time with my significant other
I like to spend time with my family
What do you like to eat?
I'll eat anything, especially if it is free
I'm a meat eater
Vegan all the way
I'm mostly a vegetarian, but will sometimes eat meaty snacks
Give me some seafood
What do you like to do for fun?
Play sports
Take a nap
Chill at home
Do puzzles
Visit family
What do you do at parties?
Talk with my friends
Stick with my date
I only go to family reunions
I don't go to parties
Do you like to travel?
Yes, but on my own
Yes, but only with friends
Yes, but only with my significant other
Not especially
What is your favorite time of day?
How do you show someone you like them?
Playfully hit them
Fight for them
Call them, maybe too often
Play hard to get
Show off
How many children would you like to have?
Two to three
Four to five
Five to seven
{"name":"Which Native California Animal Are you?", "url":"","txt":"Take our quick quiz to find out which animal best corresponds to your personality!","img":"","hash":"#WhichAnimalAreYou"}
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