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What role are you suited to in the IT industry?

What is your educational background?
Computer Science
Management Information Systems
Computer/Electrical Engineering
Software Development
Which one of these annoy you the most?
Lack of attention to detail
Solving other people's (simple) problems
Ill informed colleagues
Indecisive People
Lack of communication skills
Not being able to find the one character that is completely messing up your code
Which website are you most likely to get news from/visit?
Stack Overflow
Bleeping Computer
Which IT tool would you be most likely to use?
Open-Source Website Toolkit
Text/Source Code Editor
Ticketing Software
RMM Software
Anti Virus Software
Network Administration Software
What action/phrase do you hate seeing/hearing?
Sending a ticket then sending an email to tell you sent they sent a ticket
Finally finding someone who has the same issue as you online and there is no answer or they worked it out and haven't said how
When your computer is frozen keep clicking it to try unfreeze it
"I turned off the antivirus because it kept doing scans on my computer"
"Can't you just fix the system quickly I have a tonne of work to do"
"Give me 5 different concepts of the changes but I will only pay you for work on the one I choose"
{"name":"What role are you suited to in the IT industry?", "url":"","txt":"What is your educational background?, Which one of these annoy you the most?, Which website are you most likely to get news from\/visit?","img":""}
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