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Julia Roberts

This pretty woman was named to People Magazines 'Most Beautiful People' 11 times. Born in Smyrna, GA, she shot to super-stardom when she paired with Richard Gere in a romantic comedy? Who is she?
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Aniston
Michelle Pfeiffer
Elizabeth Hurley
Before marrying her current husband Danny Moder, Julia Roberts was married to this country music star for two years?
Lyle Lovett
Tim McGraw
Garth Brooks
Kenny Chesney
In "Pretty Woman, " what does Vivian teach Edward to do when they first meet ?
Drive a manual transmission
Do a shot
Give an erotic massage
Tie a cherry stem into a knot using only her mouth
Who is Julia Roberts' famous actress niece?
Emma Roberts
Avril LaVigne
Natalie Portman
Kylie Jenner
In an embarrassing, yet funny interview, what did Julia admit to doing when she was younger?
Biting her toenails
Eating her hair
Sleeping with a hat
Doing laundry in the nude
Before Julia Roberts was offered the role of Vivian, the role was offered to this actress. Coincidentally, at this time, Julia turned down the role of Annie in Sleepless in Seattle. Who was this actress?
Meg Ryan
Angelina Jolie
Jennifer Aniston
Cate Blanchett
Which actor did Julia date briefly after meeting on an episode of 'Friends'?
Matthew Perry
Brad Pitt
David Schwimmer
Matt LeBlanc
Pretty Woman has grossed over $450M worldwide, how much was Julia Roberts paid for her role in Pretty Woman?
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